The Five Houses

Tabletop League, Beta Season

1590 Queen St. West • Toronto, Ontario M6R 1A8 • (416) 588-5475

These are the five houses of the West End Comics Tabletop League’s Beta Season. Number of Houses, names, and game composition are all up for discussion!


House Rosenberg

The games in this House are all versus and “heavy,” meaning they’re complex and usually involve a few hours of your time. Includes Scythe, Lords of Waterdeep, Terraforming Mars, etc.

House Keyheart

Games that are versus, and light—typically shorter runs with simpler rules. Includes Unearth, Smallworld, King of Tokyo, etc.

House San Ildefonso

These are the heavy co-op games, like Dead of Winter, Pandemic or Mechs vs Minions.

House Emberside

The light co-ops, such as Castle Panic, The Grizzled or Secret Hitler. Most party games like Cranium or Codenames also live here.

House Olympia

These are the campaign, league or legacy games: DnD, Bloodbowl, Time Stories, Charterstone, etc. Most likely to happen in secret gatherings.


Ready to declare your allegiance and become a banner?

Things to know:

  • The Beta Season’s Rank Target* is: 4th Place
  • Round 1 begins Thursday, July 26
  • Round 1 allegiance deadline… um, let’s say in two weeks? (Aug 9th)

* This means the House with 4th most points at the end of the Round will receive a 4x bonus. Rank chosen via random die roll.


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