The Tabletop League

Because why not make playing games a game too?

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The Beta Season of the West End Comics Tabletop League is here!

Secretly declare your allegiance. Play games. Reap rewards and glory.

How it works

Each game belongs to a House. Every time we officially record the playing of the game, it earns points for its House.

At the start of each Round, league members secretly swear allegiance to a House. The Houses collect points based on what games the league decides to play, and other fun factors. At the end of the Round (4-6 weeks), you collect a share of your House’s points.

At the end of a Season, which will have at least two Rounds, those points can be used for amazing things. Trust us.

You also collect individual points for participating and even more for winning, which are independent of House points and will be for bragging rights and tiebreaker situations.

Non members pay a small fee ($15) to participate in a Season. Members may declare allegiance for free!

See the Houses and declare your allegiance!

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Detailed rules

Every tabletop game belongs to one of five Houses.

A game earns its House a number of points equal to the number of players. There is no upward limit. Play 10 back-to-back games of Rising Sun with 7 people*, and there’s 70 points for Rising Sun’s House.

While House allegiance is made in secret, and won’t be revealed until the end of a Round, you can absolutely collude, lie, or be truthful about your choice.

The House points are subject to shifting multipliers and rules to keep things interesting. They are as follows:

  • Every Round, before allegiances are declared, a rank order target is set (e.g. “Ranked 3rd).” The House that actually ends up on target (in this case, 3rd place based on total House points) gets a 4X multiplier applied to its total. Houses within one rank get 2X.
  • The House with the least number of declared allegiances gets a 2X bonus. Ties share the bonus. Zero is lowest.
  • All House points are divided equally among its allies (aka banners). Therefore, it’s not always the best strategy to aim for whatever you think will have the most points. See example scoring scenarios below!

Participants influence outcomes via their participation, collusion, etc. Or, you can treat it like roulette and let the chips fall where they may!

Point remainders after an uneven split are awarded to the banner with the highest individual point count for that House.

*Do not play 10 back-to-back games of Rising Sun with 7 people

Individual points

The scoring depends on if the game is versus, co-op, co-op with an individual winner(s) (e.g. Dead of Winter), or co-op with team winners (e.g. Codenames).


  • 4 points for participation
  • 9 points for next rank (e.g. 3rd in a 4-player game or 2nd in a 3-player)
  • 16 points for next rank
  • 25 points max (1st in a 4-or-more player game)

Co-op, co-op with teams:

  • 12 points each for a group win (or winning team)
  • 6 points each for a group loss (or losing team)

Co-op, with potential individual winners:

  • 20 points for personal win when the group condition is also a win (or a loss if the winner’s role is to bomb the game, e.g. Monster Master in The Others)
  • 15 points if your win condition does not meet the above.
  • Other players score per regular co-op rules above

NOTE: individual points are categorized by House, irrespective of the current Round’s allegiances. This allows for bragging rights within game styles, the possibility of fun ranks and badges, and so that Josh has to work harder at claiming all the glory 😉

Eligible sessions

Any games that happen under the WEC roof are eligible, Thursdays or otherwise. For splinter sessions, at least two WEC Meeple Carrying Members must be present and the recording of the game must contain photo evidence (winner’s celebration encouraged).

Tracking sessions

All you need is the game, who played, and who placed (if applicable). Photo evidence required for offsite adventures, per above. We’ll test the best way to actually record this info in the Beta Season.

Seasonal buy-in

To participate in a season (declaring House allegiance), you have to chip in $15, unless you’re a Meeple Carrying Member of WEC.


The prize pool is funded by the above “ante” cash plus some portion of member fees. Specifics TBD.

Initial thought: use end of Season House points as currency for a live or silent auction! Points can roll over from Season to Season.

Beta season

Consider this a live playtest! We may tweak rules, expose normally hidden mechanics, etc. House names and composition are not set in stone, suggestions welcome! Also, House Crests would be sweet… lookin at you artists/illustrators

Scoring examples

“Most people get it right”

Rank Target = 2nd place.

  • House A had 20 points and no banners = no one splits 20 * 2 * 2 = 80 points. Imagine if there was a lone wolf!
  • House B had 15 points and five banners = five people split 15 * 4 = 60 points, for 12 House points each
  • House C had 12 points and two banners = two people split 12 * 2 = 24 points, for 12 House points each
  • House D had 8 points and three banners = three people split 8 points for 2 each, the person with highest individual points in this House takes the remaining 2
  • House E had 2 points and one banner = that person gets 2 points

4x = House that hits the Rank Target
2x = House(s) within one of the Rank Target
2x = House(s) with least banners

“A small coalition cleans up”

Rank Target = 3rd place.

  • House B had 50 points and eight banners = eight split 50 for 6 each, remainder 2 goes to person with most individual House B points
  • House E had 40 points and twelve banners = twelve split 40 * 2  = 80 for 6 each as well, but with 8 to the indie leader
  • House D had 38 points and four banners = four split 38 * 4 * 2 = 304 points, for 76 each (damn!)
  • House A had 20 points and five banners = five split 20 * 2 = 40 for 8 each
  • House C had 18 points and four banners = four split 18 * 2 = 36 for 9 each

4x = House that hits the Rank Target
2x = House(s) within one of the Rank Target
2x = House(s) with least banners

“The counterstrategy pays off”

Rank Target = 5th place.

  • House C had 30 points and one banner = 30 * 2 / 1 = 60 point haul!
  • House A had 25 points and six banners = 25 / 6 = 4 each, remainder 1
  • House B had 20 points and two banners = 20 / 2 = 10 each
  • House E had 15 points and ten banners = 15 * 2 / 10 = 3 each
  • House D had 10 points and eight banners =  10 * 4 / 8 = 5 each

4x = House that hits the Rank Target
2x = House(s) within one of the Rank Target
2x = House(s) with least banners

Ultimately, the system is supposed to:

  • Encourage metagamers to try a diverse set of game types (aka Houses)
  • Provide a new layer of intrigue for deciding which games to play
  • Foster healthy rivalry and tenuous alliances

Feedback and input is needed! Let us know what you think, and good luck!

See the Houses and declare your allegiance