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Tabletop League: Beta Season, Round One Results

We logged over 80 games. Some battles were short and fierce, others dragged out over hours. Ten banners came to the Houses’ aid this time around, and now that the dust has settled, the rewards must be distributed. (Note: No September Zombie Camp Games were logged nor included in this; I blame beer and elation.) House outcomes and multipliers Reminder: the target for this round was fourth place. 1st place house with base 111 points: KEYHEART (five banners supported Keyheart for 22 points earned each) 2nd place house with base 82 points: ROSENBERG (four banner supported Rosenberg for 20 points earned each) 3rd place house with base 53 points and 2x multiplier (one within target): OLYMPIA (one lucky banner supported Olympia for 106 points earned!) 4th place house with base 40 points and 8x multiplier (on target (4x), least banners (2x)): EMBERSIDE (320 total points go to no one!) 5th place house with base 9 points and 4x multiplier (one within target and least banners): SAN ILDEFONSO (36 points go to no one!) Keyheart has a remainder of 1 point and Rosenberg has remainder 2. They go to the individual point leader in the respective Houses, but I’ve not yet done individual points because it is a math nightmare (of my own creation and I must automate it or feel undying shame). Will sort out these remainders eventually. Banners Chris, Tyler, the Erics and Natalie were Keyheart’s banners this time around. Josh, Kirk, Dan V. and Celete backed Rosenberg. And Mr Ari was the lone believer in House Olympia! Cha-ching! Next Steps Continue logging games as normal! (If anyone wants to help try to piece together Zombie Camp II, I’d be game.) Jordy will reset banners and take feedback on House makeup, etc. Those interested will jump in for Round Two declarations in the coming weeks Jordy + Kirk / Chris need to figure out a prize pool of some sort Round Two Beta will probably end in time for the holidays, and if we still like the meta game… 2019 will begin a new Season 🙂

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